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Liliane Tugiramahoro

Lili’s Pedicure offers a full foot care service to anyone who needs to be relieved of a pain or problem related to foot health.

Reflexology Is the stimulation of the foot for health conditions in other parts of the body using specific hand and finger techniques

Lili’s Pedicure followup customers' feet by giving advice on their daily needs

I have been licensed in Belgium and practice in home and hospital. I have a good knowledge to use tools and I respect requirements to reduce the risk of client injury or infection during my service The tools used are professional and disinfected after each patient.

Licenced by Cosmetology Association of Nova Scotia and certified by CBBC. Licence 29001

COVID-19 protocol The signs and symptoms of COVID-19 present at illness onset vary, but over the course of the disease many people with COVID-19 will experience the following: Fever or chills - Cough - Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing - Fatigue - Muscle or body aches - Headache - New loss of taste or smell - Sore throat - Congestion or runny nose - Nausea or vomiting - Diarrhea If you’re currently experiencing new or worsening symptoms within the last 48 hours, book a COVID-19 test. Liliane  Tugiramahoro vaccined

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